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Heads up!

How does the Tits & Glass Porn App Work?

The Tits & Glass App now features irresistibly hot photos from some of the top photographers worldwide. We're talking stunning models in high quality, titillating photos with just a touch of naughty. Glass users install now and enjoy. Your welcome.

We're glad you asked!

The world’s first porn app store is proud to announce the world’s first porn app for Google Glass – Tits & Glass!

The Tits & Glass App allows Google Glass Users to share sexy content from their Glasses directly with other Glass users and online through the titsandglass.com web app.

There are key features we’d love Google Glass users to explore with Tits & Glass.

POV Content

Google Glass is the perfect device for shooting personal POV videos and photos.  Because it feels so familiar and natural to wear, you can put it on, turn it on, and get it on with ease.

Sharing is Caring

With your Glass device, you can share your sexy content with the titsandglass.com community, as well as receive up-to-the-minute notifications when more content rolls in. Although you can't share your nude photos on the device itself, you can still share your sexy POV content on titsandglass.com.

Vote on Your Favorite Images

Through Tits & Glass, users can comment and vote on their favorite images. Being the tech-savvy Glass user you are, you can leave speech-to-text comments.

No Glass? No Problem!

Those without Glass can still get in on the action by logging in with your Google+ account. Interact with Glass users by up-voting and commenting on photos.

Content Guidelines

In order to comply with the recent ban of porn on Google Glass, we can only display content that is tagged "sfw" (safe for work) on the device itself. But worry not, my fellow red-blooded humans, you will still find hot photos of gorgeous models.

That’s it! Now, go on and have some fun with the first porn app for Google Glass.

And remember- we're all adults here, so be responsible.  Let's keep it fun, and keep it sexy.

How to Install the Tits & Glass Porn App

Google Glass Users Install with Google+

Google Glass users simply login with their Google+ account that has been approved and linked to their Google Glasses. When logging in, you'll be asked to "Allow Access" to the Tits & Glass App.

Once logged in, you'll redirected to your settings. You'll need to both:

  • Enable Glass: This is the equivelant of installing the app on your device and start receiving Tits & Ass Cards on your Glass Timeline.

  • Enable Sharing: This allows you to share your own sexy glass photos with the app.

The final step is to Approve the Tits & Glass App.You'll need to visit your "My Glass" control panel at http://google.com/myglass and approve the app.

Non-Glass Users Login with Google+

Non-Glass Users can freely browse all the sexy photos that are being shared by Glass. You can also vote on the best images to help determine which photos will be shared with Glass users. Use your votes wisely! :)

Once logged in, you can also comment on photos.

Follow these three steps to get the Tits and Glass App onto your Google Glass Device.

Step 1: Allow access at titsandglass.com/install

Step 2: In your settings, turn ON "Enable Glass" and "Enable Sharing" to titsandglass.com

Step 3: Approve the app at google.com/myglass

Share & Receive the Hottest Photos and Sexy User-Generated Glass images with Glass

Take pictures and share with other Tits & Glass Users

Now that the app is enabled on your device, you'll start receiving notification cards periodically when new bundles of images are available. Tap on these "New Images" notification cards to browse all the new uploaded images.

Tap and hold on any image to open several options to interact and share with the app.

Share any photo from Tits & Glass online.

Vote on your favorite content.

Have sexy content details read to you, albeit in a robot voice.

Comment on Images with Google Glass using Speech-to-Text

Tap "Reply" to comment.

Say something, anything!

Confirm your comment.

Your comment is sent!

Vote on the hottest content for Glass

Start voting & commenting on your favorite content. All of your up-voted content will be bundled together in it's own timeline card called "My Up-Votes".

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